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Journal Article
Gattinger RL, Evans WFJ, Llewellyn EJ.  2011.  Chemiluminescent NiO* emissions: band systems and spectral simulation. Canadian Journal of Physics. 89:869-874.
Evans WFJ, Gattinger RL, Slanger TG, Saran DV, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Discovery of the FeO orange bands in the terrestrial night airglow spectrum obtained with OSIRIS on the Odin spacecraft. Geophysical Research Letters. 37(22)
Gattinger RL, Egeland A, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA, Stegman J, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  H Balmer lines in terrestrial aurora: Historical record and new observations by OSIRIS on Odin. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115:A09306.biblio_coins
Sheese PE, Llewellyn EJ, Gattinger RL, Bourassa DA, Degenstein DA, Lloyd ND, McDade I  C.  2011.  Mesopause temperatures during the polar mesospheric cloud season. Geophysical Research Letters. 38
Gattinger RL, McDade IC, Suzán ALA, Boone CD, Walker KA, Bernath PF, Evans WFJ, Degenstein DA, Yee JH, Sheese P et al..  2010.  NO2 air afterglow and O and NO densities from Odin-OSIRIS night and ACE-FTS sunset observations in the Antarctic MLT region. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115:D12301.biblio_coins
Evans WFJ, Gattinger RL, Broadfoot AL, Llewellyn EJ.  2011.  The observation of chemiluminescent NiO* emissions in the laboratory and in the night airglow. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 11:9595–9603.
Gattinger RL, Vallance Jones A, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Quantitative spectroscopy of the aurora. VI. The auroral spectrum from 275 to 815 nm observed by the OSIRIS spectrograph on board the Odin spacecraft. Canadian Journal of Physics. 88:559–567.biblio_coins
Gattinger RL, Evans WFJ, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2011.  A spectral model of the FeO orange bands with a comparison between a laboratory spectrum and a night airglow spectrum observed by OSIRIS on Odin. Canadian Journal of Physics. 89:239-248.