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Bourassa A  E, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J.  2005.  Climatology of the subvisual cirrus clouds as seen by OSIRIS on Odin. Advances in Space Research. 36:807-812.biblio_coins
Degenstein D  A, Gattinger R  L, Lloyd N  D, Bourassa A  E, Wiensz J  T, Llewellyn E  J.  2005.  Observations of an extended mesospheric tertiary ozone peak. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics. 67:1395-1402.biblio_coins
Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, Bourassa A  E, Gattinger R  L, Llewellyn E  J.  2005.  Observations of mesospheric ozone depletion during the October 28, 2003 solar proton event by OSIRIS. Geophysical Research Letters. 32:3-+.biblio_coins
Ricaud P, Lefèvre F, Berthet G, Murtagh D, Llewellyn E  J, Mégie G, Kyrölä E, Leppelmeier G  W, Auvinen H, Boonne C et al..  2005.  Polar vortex evolution during the 2002 Antarctic major warming as observed by the Odin satellite. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 110:5302-+.biblio_coins
Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA, Sigernes F, Llewellyn EJ, Lorentzen DA.  2005.  The red sky enigma over Svalbard in December 2002: a model using polar stratospheric clouds. Annales Geophysicae. 23:1603–1610.biblio_coins
Sigernes F, Lloyd N, Lorentzen DA, Neuber R, Hoppe U-P, Degenstein D, Shumilov N, Moen J, Gjessing Y, Havnes O et al..  2005.  The red-sky enigma over Svalbard in December 2002. Annales Geophysicae. 23:1593–1602.biblio_coins
Krecl P, Haley C  S, Stegman J, Brohede S  M, Berthet G.  2005.  Retrieving the vertical distribution of stratospheric OClO from Odin/OSIRIS limb-scattered sunlight measurements. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics Discussions. 5:2989-3046.biblio_coins
von Savigny C, McDade I  C, Griffioen E, Haley C  S, Sioris C  E, Llewellyn E  J.  2005.  Sensitivity studies and first validation of stratospheric ozone profile retrievals from Odin/OSIRIS observations of limb-scattered solar radiation. Canadian Journal of Physics. 83:957-972.biblio_coins
Eremenko M  N, Petelina S  V, Zasetsky A  Y, Karlsson B, Rinsland C  P, Llewellyn E  J, Sloan J  J.  2005.  Shape and composition of PMC particles derived from satellite remote sensing measurements. Geophysical Research Letters. 32:16-+.biblio_coins
Randall C  E, Harvey V  L, Manney G  L, Orsolini Y, Codrescu M, Sioris C, Brohede S, Haley C  S, Gordley L  L, Zawodny J  M et al..  2005.  Stratospheric effects of energetic particle precipitation in 2003-2004. Geophysical Research Letters. 32:5802-+.biblio_coins
Petelina S  V, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J, Lloyd N  D, Mertens C  J, Mlynczak M  G, Russell J  M.  2005.  Thermal conditions for PMC existence derived from Odin/OSIRIS and TIMED/SABER data. \grl. 32:17813-+.biblio_coins
Petelina S  V, Llewellyn E  J, Walker K  A, Degenstein D  A, Boone C  D, Bernath P  F, Haley C  S, von Savigny C, Lloyd N  D, Gattinger R  L.  2005.  Validation of ACE-FTS stratospheric ozone profiles against Odin/OSIRIS measurements. Geophysical Research Letters. 32:15-+.biblio_coins
von Savigny C, Petelina S  V, Karlsson B, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, Burrows J  P.  2005.  Vertical variation of NLC particle sizes retrieved from Odin/OSIRIS limb scattering observations. Geophysical Research Letters. 32:7806-+.biblio_coins
Haley C  S, von Savigny C, Brohede S, Sioris C  E, McDade I  C, Llewellyn E  J, Murtagh D  P.  2004.  A comparison of methods for retrieving stratospheric ozone profiles from OSIRIS limb-scatter measurements. Advances in Space Research. 34:769-774.biblio_coins
Petelina S  V, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, Gattinger R  L, Haley C  S, von Savigny C, Griffioen E, McDade I  C, Evans W  F  J et al..  2004.  Comparison of the Odin/OSIRIS stratospheric ozone profiles with coincident POAM III and ozonesonde measurements. Geophysical Research Letters. 31:7104-+.biblio_coins
McLinden C  A, Haley C  S, Llewellyn E  J.  2004.  Derivation of polarization from Odin/OSIRIS limb spectra. Geophysical Research Letters. 31:20112-+.biblio_coins
von Savigny C, Eichmann {K-U }, Llewellyn E  J, Bovensmann H, Burrows J  P, Bittner M, Höppner K, Offermann D, Taylor M  J, Zhao Y et al..  2004.  First near-global retrievals of OH rotational temperatures from satellite-based Meinel band emission measurements. Geophysical Research Letters. 31:15111-+.biblio_coins
Llewellyn E, Lloyd N  D, Degenstein D  A, Gattinger R  L, Petelina S  V, Bourassa A  E, Wiensz J  T, Ivanov E  V, McDade I  C, Solheim B  H et al..  2004.  The OSIRIS instrument on the Odin spacecraft. Canadian Journal of Physics. 82:411-422.biblio_coins
Haley C  S, Brohede S  M, Sioris C  E, Griffioen E, Murtagh D  P, McDade I  C, Eriksson P, Llewellyn E  J, Bazureau A, Goutail F.  2004.  Retrieval of stratospheric O3 and NO2 profiles from Odin Optical Spectrograph and Infrared Imager System (OSIRIS) limb-scattered sunlight measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 109:16303-+.biblio_coins
Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J, Lloyd N  D.  2004.  Tomographic retrieval of the oxygen infrared atmospheric band with the OSIRIS infrared imager. Canadian Journal of Physics. 82:501-515.biblio_coins
Puckrin E, Evans W  F  J.  2003.  The calibration of instruments for atmospheric ozone measurement with a sealed ozone cell: The OSIRIN/ODIN spectrograph. Advances in Space Research. 32:2153-2158.biblio_coins
Llewellyn EJ, Degenstein DA, Lloyd ND, Gattinger R  L, Petelina S, McDade I  C, Haley C  S, Solheim B  H, von Savigny C, Sioris C et al..  2003.  First Results from the OSIRIS Instrument on-board Odin. Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory Publications. 92:41-47.biblio_coins
Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn EJ, Lloyd ND.  2003.  The potential for incorrect interpretation of atmospheric images as seen with OSIRIS.. Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory Publications. 92:49-53.biblio_coins
von Savigny C, Haley C  S, Sioris C  E, McDade I  C, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D, Evans W  F  J, Gattinger R  L, Griffioen E, Kyrölä E et al..  2003.  Stratospheric ozone profiles retrieved from limb scattered sunlight radiance spectra measured by the OSIRIS instrument on the Odin satellite. Geophysical Research Letters. 30:140000-1.biblio_coins
Sioris C  E, Haley C  S, McLinden C  A, von Savigny C, McDade I  C, McConnell J  C, Evans W  F  J, Lloyd N  D, Llewellyn E  J, Chance K  V et al..  2003.  Stratospheric profiles of nitrogen dioxide observed by Optical Spectrograph and Infrared Imager System on the Odin satellite. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 108:4215-+.biblio_coins