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Wiacek A, Martin RV, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA.  2013.  Absorbing aerosol radiative effects in the limb-scatter viewing geometry. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 6:2761–2776.
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Petelina S  V, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, Gattinger R  L, Haley C  S, von Savigny C, Griffioen E, McDade I  C, Evans W  F  J et al..  2004.  Comparison of the Odin/OSIRIS stratospheric ozone profiles with coincident POAM III and ozonesonde measurements. Geophysical Research Letters. 31:7104-+.biblio_coins
Petelina S  V, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J, Lloyd N  D.  2006.  Correlation of PMC relative brightness and altitudes observed by Odin/OSIRIS in the Northern Hemisphere in 2002 2003. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics. 68:56-64.biblio_coins
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Adams C, Bourassa AE, McLinden CA, Sioris CE, von Clarmann T, Funke B, Rieger LA, Degenstein DA.  2016.  Effect of volcanic aerosol on stratospheric NO2 and N2O5 from 2002-2014 as measured by Odin-OSIRIS and Envisat-MIPAS. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2016:1–28.
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Juckes M  N.  2006.  Evaluation of MIPAS ozone fields assimilated using a new algorithm constrained by isentropic tracer advection. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics. 6:1549-1565.biblio_coins
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Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Elash BJ, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Evolution of the stratospheric aerosol enhancement following the eruptions of Okmok and Kasatochi: Odin-OSIRIS measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115biblio_coins
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Sioris C  E, Evans W  F  J.  1999.  Filling in of Fraunhofer and Gas-Absorption Lines in Sky Spectra as Caused by Rotational Raman Scattering. Applied Optics. 38:2706-2713.biblio_coins