ESA Registration for OSIRIS Data Products


Since June 2007 ESA has an agreement in place to distribute data acquired by the ODIN satellite.  All requests for data access must go through the ESA registration process.  The registration forms are designed for users who are requesting data that costs money to deliver.  The Odin data does not fall into this category and can be delivered to users free of charge via the internet.  Users completing the ESA registration form who are requesting Odin-OSIRIS data do not need to address the funding sources, methods and deliverables as requested in the Executive Summary.

Guidelines for ESA Registration Requesting OSIRIS Data

The ESA fast registration form can be confusing for those users requesting OSIRIS data.  This guideline describes ESA's expectations for Odin-OSIRIS data users.

Start the registration process here: ESA Registration
Follow the link in the central region of the page: "Register"

1. Cover Page
  • Title: A title of the research activity you intend to work on.  A short response is all that is required.  For example: 'Stratospheric ozone variability studies with Odin-OSIRIS data.'
  • Primary Application Domain: Select most appropriate choice from dropdown menu (i.e. Atmosphere)
  • Study Area: Select most appropriate choice from dropdown menu (i.e. Global)
  • Executive Summary: A short description of the research activity is acceptable for Odin-OSIRIS data users.  Funding sources, methods and deliverables do not neeed to be addressed.
  • Principal Investigator Information: Details of the investigator, affiliation and address.

2. Data Requirements
  • Product Selection: Select the ODIN Data Products from the Third Party Mission products dropdown menu.

3. Terms and Conditions Acceptance
  • Read the Terms and Conditions for Category-1 usage.
  • Tick the boxes available on the page to accept the terms and condition.
4. Submit
  • Press the 'Submit' button, once all of the fields have been completed, to submit the registration.
  • Record and save the username and password provided.  An automatic submission acknowledgement will be sent by email to the PI.

FTP Download

All of the OSIRIS Level 2 Daily Data products are available for download from our FTP server.  ESA will send the server name, username and password to access the data once a user has completed the registration.

The Level 2 data are stored in directories sorted by year and month.  For example directory /200512 stores all OSIRIS Level 2 data products for December 2005.

Note: Once logged onto the ftp server the level 2 data directory may not appear.  To access the Level 2 Daily Data products you may need to change directory to the location: /level2/daily  An example is shown below using the ftp client FileZilla.