The Odin-OSIRIS instrument has routinely measured height profiles of limb radiance from 274 nm to 810 nm from 7-100 km altitude over the last decade. Most of our measurements occur at solar zenith angles greater than 60 degrees as we are in a sun-synchronous orbit close to the terminator.  The data are quite well calibrated, we think the absolute calibration is better than 5% over most of the spectral range. We currently do not provide web access to our limb radiance data. Please contact us if you would like access to the radiance data. The data are currently accessed using a C/C++/Matlab API developed for the Odin-OSIRIS instrument. The API is well supported on Windows although Linux builds can usually be provided in a timely fashion.  Documentation for the OSIRIS Level Services API is available by clicking on the menu items above.