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Build the University of Saskatchewan SasktranIF code

The SasktranIF code can only be built once the HDF, netcdf , blas and lapack code described in previous sections are built and properly installed on your system, including updating the appropriate environment variables in your login scrips and applying them to your environment (e.g. log-out then log-in). The build o fthe sasktranIF code will use a binary installation directory INSTALLDIR which is normally the same as the installation directory used for previous stages. It will also use an optional CACHEDIR where the saktranif will write cache information duuring its execution.  The CACHEDIR can be left out and a default value of INSTALLDIR/Cache will be used.

cd SOFTWAREDIR/Repos_SasktranV3LinuxBuild
chmod u+x buildsasktranif
./buildsasktranif INSTALLDIR CACHEDIR 


Ensure that the script executed successfully by looking for a small text box at the end of the execution looing like
*     SasktranIF Installation Complete
*     --------------------------------
Read the box, update the displayed environment variables in your login script and apply. Congratulations, you are now ready to to use the python sasktranif module within python3.