radtran.climatologies.aerosol.get_aerosol_cross_section(wavel_nm, mode_radius, mode_width)

Compute the scattering cross section of a lognormal particle size distribution

  • wavel_nm – wavelength in namometers
  • mode_radius – mode radius of the lognormal distribution (microns)
  • mode_width – mode width of the lognormal distribution (unitless, > 1)

scattering cross (cm^2)

radtran.climatologies.aerosol.optical_property(mode_radius, mode_width, particlesize_heights, doLogInterpolation=0, doPiecewiseLinear=0)

Returns the aerosol optical property for MIEAEROSOL_H2SO4


mode_radius : list or numpy array

Mode radii at different altitudes, same size as particlesize_heights

mode_width : list or numpy array

Mode width at different altitudes, same size as particlesize_heights

particlesize_heights : list or numpy array

Heights in m where the mode radii and mode width are specified


optprop : ISKOpticalProperty

Aerosol optical property

radtran.climatologies.aerosol.simulated_aerosol_plume(tp, look, plume_angle_middle, plume_width_angle, enhancement_factor, background_heights, background_profile, plume_low_alt, plume_high_alt)

Creates a two dimensional plane climatology representing a simulated aerosol plume


tp : numpy array (3,)

Reference tangent point

look : numpy array (3,)

Average look direction

plume_angle_middle : scalar

The angle in degrees from the tangent point where the plume should be centred. Negative angles are closer to the observer

plume_width_angle : scalar

The width of the plume in degrees

enhancement_factor : scalar

The number to multiply the background profile by to create the plume

background_heights : numpy array (n,)

Heights of the background profile to use in [m]

background_profile : numpy array (n,)

Number density of the background aerosol profile in [/cm3]

plume_low_alt : scalar

Lower boundary of the plume in [m]

plume_high_alt : scalar

Upper boundary of the plume in [m]


clim : ISKClimatology

optprop : ISKOpticalProperty

guid : GUID

normalandreference : numpy array (6,)

Normal and referenced used for the plane climatology, intended to be passed back to the engine