radtran.climatologies.no2.convolved_vandaele_optical_property(wavel, psf, wavel_spacing=0.01, num_stdev=4, output_spacing=None)

Convolves down the Vandaele NO2 cross sections and creates a user defined optical property


wavel : numpy array

Wavelengths to calculate the new cross section for in nm

psf : numpy array

Standard deviations of the gaussian to convolve by for each wavelength Can be the same size as wavel, or size 1 in which case the psf is assumed to be the same for all wavelengths

wavel_spacing : scalar, optional

Spacing to calculate the highresolution wavelengths on, default is the Vandaele resolution

num_stdev : scalar, optional

Number of standard deviations to use in the gaussian for convolution, default is 4

output_spacing : scalar,string optional

Spacing to calculate the convolved cross section on. Either a scalar to use a fixed spacing, or None to use the wavelengths of the point spread function (wavel parameter)


optprop : ISKOpticalProperty

Convolved optical property


Initializes the NO2 climatology using PRATMO


clim: pointer to the NO2 climatology

optprop: pointer to NO2 optical properties

guid: unique identifier to no2

radtran.climatologies.no2.userdefined(profile, heights, cross_section='NO2_OSIRISRES')

profile : 1d array

one dimensional array containing the ozone profile [cm^-3]

heights : 1d array

height in meters of the profile

cross_section : string

name of the ozone cross section to be used