Solar Spectrum

utility.solar_spectrum.convolved_solar_spectrum(wavelengths, psf_wavelengths, psf, spectrum='SAO2010')

wavelengths: numpy array

An array of wavelenghts in nanometers at which the solar spectrum will be calculated

psf_wavelengths: numpy array

An array of wavelengths in nanometers at which the point spread function is specified. The output wavelenghts are linearly interpolated from this array.

psf: numpy array

An array of wavelengths in nanometers defining the spectral point spread function. The PSF is assumed be gaussian with a standard deviation given by psf

spectrum: ‘string’

options argument specifying which solar spectrum to use. Currenlty supported options are ‘SAO2010’ and ‘’. Default is ‘SAO2010’.


convovled_irradiance: numpy.array

The solar spectrum in units of photons/m^2/sec/nm at the resolution specified


Get the solar irradiance

>>> import utility.solar_spectrum as sol
>>> import numpy as np
>>> wavel = np.array([300, 400])
>>> psf_wavel = np.array([250, 500])
>>> psf = np.array([0.35, 3])
>>> irr = sol.convolved_solar_spectrum(wavel, psf_wavel, psf)