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skOpticalProperties_O3_OSIRISRes Class Reference

#include <skabsorptiontable.h>

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skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption skOpticalProperties

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- Public Member Functions inherited from skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption
virtual bool SetAtmosphericState (skClimatology *neutralatmosphere, const GEODETIC_INSTANT &pt, bool *crosssectionschanged) override
 Sets the atmospheric state and location for calculating cross-sections, usually temperature, pressure and position. More...
virtual bool CalculateCrossSections (double wavenumber, double *absxs, double *extxs, double *scattxs, size_t threadindex) override
 Calculate cross-sections at the specified wave-number. More...
virtual bool IsScatterer () const override
 Returns true if this particles scatters radiation.
virtual bool IsAbsorber () const override
 Returns true if this particles absorbs radiation radiation.
virtual bool UpdateInternalClimatology (const GEODETIC_INSTANT &pt) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption
bool AddEntry (double t, double *nm, int nmstride, double *xs, int xsstride, int npts)
bool DeepCopyWithoutTables (const skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption &other)

Detailed Description

These are the cross-sections used in the OSIRIS level 2 analysis for Saskmart V5.07. This table is based upon the cross-sections of Bogumil Orphal and Burrows. This may change in the furture if it is decided that betetr O3 cross-sections exist.

Note that this class sets the QuietWavelength Truncation flag, m_quietwavelengthtruncation in the base class skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption, so it will return a zero cross-section without any error for all wavelengths outside its tabular range.

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