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skOpticalProperties_O3_SciaBogumilV3 Class Reference

#include <skabsorptiontable.h>

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skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption skOpticalProperty_AdditionalStateInfo_TemperatureDependent skOpticalProperties skOpticalProperty_AdditionalStateInfo

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- Public Member Functions inherited from skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption
virtual bool SetAtmosphericState (skClimatology *neutralatmosphere, const GEODETIC_INSTANT &pt, bool *crosssectionschanged) override
 Sets the atmospheric state and location for calculating cross-sections, usually temperature, pressure and position. More...
virtual bool CalculateCrossSections (double wavenumber, double *absxs, double *extxs, double *scattxs, size_t threadindex) override
 Calculate cross-sections at the specified wave-number. More...
virtual bool IsScatterer () const override
 Returns true if this particles scatters radiation.
virtual bool IsAbsorber () const override
 Returns true if this particles absorbs radiation radiation.
virtual bool UpdateInternalClimatology (const GEODETIC_INSTANT &pt) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from skWavelengthToPSF_TableArray
virtual double GetInstrumentPSF_FWHM (double nm) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from skOpticalProperty_AdditionalStateInfo_TemperatureDependent
virtual bool KeyedIndexFromAtmosphericState (skClimatology *neutralatmosphere, const GEODETIC_INSTANT &pt, skOpticalProperty_AdditionalStateInfoKey *index)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption
bool AddEntry (double t, double *nm, int nmstride, double *xs, int xsstride, int npts)
bool DeepCopyWithoutTables (const skOpticalProperties_UserDefinedAbsorption &other)

Detailed Description

The version 3.0 cross-sections of O3 measured by Bogumil et al. with the Sciamachyy flight instrument before launch. The cross-sections are measured from 230 nm to 1070 nm at five seperate temperatures,

  1. 203 K,
  2. 223 K,
  3. 243 K,
  4. 273 K
  5. 293 K

All measuremnts are at the instrinsic FWHM spectral resolution of sciamachy,

  • Light source: Xenon lamp, QTH lamp for 489.5 - 718.9 nm wavelength region
  • Cell: Multiple reflection quartz cell (White optics)
  • Optical pathlength 505 cm and 985 cm
  • Gas mixture: O3, O2, N2
  • Condition: Flow measurement
  • Total pressure: 50 - 900 mbar
  • Spectrometer: SCIAMACHY PFM Satellite Spectrometer (Eight channel grating spectrometer)

Note: Spectral Regions are cutted and concatenated at 287.7 nm, 302.2 nm, 310.8 nm, 316.3 nm, 334.2 nm, 345.2 nm, 402 nm, 489.5 nm, 597.8 nm, 718.9 nm, 781.6 nm and 1052.5 nm.

Version history
  • Version 1.0 first published version
  • Version 2.0 correction for the memory effect in channel 1 (230 - 310.8 nm) applied
  • Version 3.0 baseline correction for channel 1 revised
K. Bogumil, J. Orphal, J.P. Burrows, J.M. Flaud: Vibrational progressions in the visible and near ultra-violet asorption spectrum of ozone. Chem Phys Lett, 349, pages 241-248, 2001

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